Drying and Dehumidifying

Drying and dehumidifying series has been designed for drying plastic materials with a stable low dew-point air below -40℃ with the maximum drying capacity of up to 1,000kg per hour (in the case of PET).


Feeding and Conveying

Feeding and conveying series are capable of auto dedusting and sounding alarm of material shortage via digital microcomputer control. A closed conveying is designed to save material and avoid hydroscopicity of material during the process.


Dosing and Mixing

Mixing and Dosing series are designed for the metering of raw material, reclaim, masterbatch and additive. With the throughput ranging from 40kg/hr to 3,000kg/hr, up to 8 groups of components can be simultaneously handled and the accuracy ranges from ±0.1% to ±0.3%.


Heating and Cooling

Shini Mold Temperature Controllers are designed for heating up molds and maintaining temperature. They also can be used in other similar applications. Accuracy of temperature control is ±0.5℃via OMRON controller and maximum temperature can reach 300℃.


Granulating and Recycling

Shini Low-speed Granulators are designed for instant granulating and recycling of sprues and few rejects next to IMM. Equipped with dual-safety devices, and conforming with European Safety Standard.
Shini Sound-proof Central Granulators are suitable for centralized recycling of wastes or rejects from injection molding and blow molding, featuring robust structure, simple operation and quick blade replacement.This series have various models with wide applications to cater to your needs.


Automation System

Shini Automation is designed for removing sprues and finished products from injection molding machine, it is available for the applicable of or IML applicable 2-plate, 3-plate molds, hot runner system.


Hot Runner System

It's suitable for materials which is in the rang Ø0.6-Ø0.8. mould hot nozzle to Ø12. ensure the strength and the special requirements of products. the length of nozzle can be from 40mm to 500mm. professional analysis of mold flow. composite technology is mature.


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