Water-cooled Central Water Chillers - SICC-W-R3


It is used for mould’s cooling to reduce product’s molding cycle, and it’s applicable to cooling devices to ensure the temperature maintained under normal value, or other industrial areas need cooling. 


  • Brand semi-close double-screw compressor and long service-life of bearing ensure long time operation, and it is equipped with high-efficient motor that gives compressor high efficiency.
  • Step-less compressor can achieve a cooling output range of 50~100% with each compressor and realize stable cooling output.
  • The condenser and evaporator both can meet the requirement of national standard, with high-efficient heat transfer effect, convenient service and maintenance.
  • Standard equipped RS485 communication function that can achieve machine unit’s real-time control and monitor.
  • Equipped with programmable logical controller to control via panel for convenient adjustment.
  • The error check function and error recording function can analyze the causes for improvement.
  • Standard equipped with high and low pressure switch, fusible plug, overload protector, coil overheat protector, exhaust air overheat protection, cooling water overheat and large temperature deviation protection.


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