Colding / Heating Temperature Controllers-STC-W

It is mainly applicable to cooling or heating moulds for a long time, also suitable for patterns in which mould long heating shifts to cooling and vice versa.


  • Temperature control is between 5~110℃ with an accuracy of ±1℃.
  • Stainless iron insulated water tank.
  • Adopts imported compressor.
  • Anti-icing protection, over-temperature protection.
  • R22 is employed as refrigerant, refrigeration effect is favorable.
  • Refrigeration return circuit is controlled by high and low pressure switches.
  • Overload protection is adopted for compressor and pump.
  • Shell-tube styled cooler is adopted due to its excellent heat transfer and dissipation.
  • Plate-type evaporator has a small size, occupying a small space.
  • Simple operation and structure render maintenance easy.


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